Friday, June 1, 2012

Scrappy Belt Project - Finished!!!!

I even did a little quilting on it, I think it turned out cute.

I just started last night, I picked through some of my scraps for a color scheme.  I'm using a piece of felt about 1.5" wide, I know I should use something a little stiffer than felt but this is what I had on hand.  I'm trying to make this without spending any money.  
I just started to sew pieces on to the felt, trimming as I go.  This is as far as I got, before bed time, almost half way there. But its Friday now so I can stay up all night sewing if I want tonight, no work tomorrow.
I hope it turns out as cute as it is in my head.  I may do some quilting on it after I get the pieces all sewn on.
It fits better than I originally thought it would.  Total cost, probably around $0.50.  
 I had to buy some snaps, I already had everything else on hand.

Oh and how do you like my huge cutting mat, 24"x36" I found on sale for $15, I was so excited when I found it I hurried to the check out and forgot to get what I actually went to the store for.


  1. Your belt is adorable! Did you sew the felt on to the back?

    1. whoops, I'm sorry, that link didn't work
      I'm still learning. try this one.

      scrappy belt tutorial

      if that doesn't work you can copy and paste this:

      it should take you to the tutorial.

    2. Thank you, the felt is in the middle, like batting, all the scrappy pieces are sewn to the felt, then a long piece of black cotton material was sewn on as the backing. Its a little flimsy, so next time I will buy some stabilizer to use. I was trying to do this one with just what I had on hand.

      here is a link to a tutorial I found to make one.